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4 Basic Steps To Make Money From Your Music

1. Create – Make Sure Your Songs Are Hot

Do you love your track or does it just “sound good”? Are your friends asking you for a copy or do they just tell you “Yeah, it sounds alright”? Has it been mastered? If not, is the recording good enough for radio? There’s so much music out there with no real energy or emotion, so do all you can to stand out from the crowd. When you become a ‘star’ then you can become lazy. And also, save long intros for album tracks. DJ’s and music industry people usually don’t have a lot of time so try to make your music grab their ears and attention quickly.

2. Promote

You need to have your track available to be played by, and talked about, by a HUGE number of industry people and DJ’s at the SAME time in as short a time as possible. This creates the hype, momentum and a swarm of other people jumping on the bandwagon not wanting to be ‘late’ to the party. What do you feel will  have the biggest impact on your music promotion? 1-12 DJ’s playing your track over 4 weeks or 200-1000 DJ’s playing your track at the same time over 4 weeks? (how many do you have access to now?)

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We Help You Get Your Music on a list that hits a minimum of 100,000 global music industry contacts…

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3. Sell / Publish

Make sure your track is available to BUY when the public WANTS to buy it. Making the public wait is a risky game. Most of the time they won’t. If they want a song they want it now, and they’ll soon lose interest if your track isn’t a modern day classsic. Major labels have been battling piracy for years, so to minimise this make sure your track available to buy in as many places and in as many ways as possible. Another thing you need to make sure that you protect is your publishing. No one can pirate your publishing, but make sure your ASCAP’s, BMI’s etc know who created the songs.

4. Build

Build your fan base and mailing list from the start. Your fan base is one of your greatest assets. They are the ones who will buy tickets to see you perform live, they’ll buy your t-shirts, and tell their friends to check you out. Don’t take them for granted. Show them love and they’ll keep supporting you and promoting you. But they can’t do any of that until they hear your music. Until A LOT OF THEM hear your music. And you do that with Step 2 above…as we’ve already said it’s where many artists and labels fall short…were here to help change that…click here

We Help You Get Your Music on a list that hits a minimum of 100,000 global music industry contacts…



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