Why Platinum Music Promotion?


“Use the same mailing lists the majors use to promote your music to the industry”

Do what might take you years, in just a few weeks. Instead of waiting to build up your own list of 100,000 industry contacts, you can now save time and effort, and make use of the one’s that are already available.

Honestly ask yourself…

“How many dj’s and industry professionals can I personally give my music to today?”

Is your answer less than 50?…less than 35?…less than 20?

Why would you turn down the opportunity of having more DJ’s and music industry professionals getting and playing your music? You now have the potential of having more dj’s worldwide, playing your songs with the help of Platinum Music Promotion.

(The thing is, although just about every artist/label who reads this will know that it makes total sense to have more industry people getting their music… only a small percentage will actually take action and take advantage of working on building worldwide recognition.)

Let’s take, for instance, the situation where 1 dj loves your track and plays it for a few weeks with an average 2,000 listeners hearing it.

These 2,000 listeners are potential buyers of your music.

Now think about how many listeners (potential fans and buyers of your music), can be reached if 5 dj’s played your music…

That’s 5 x 2,000 listeners… 10,000 listeners (potential fans and buyers of your music).

Now imagine just 200 dj’s playing your music regularly over the course of a few weeks and already we are talking about around 400,000 listeners, potential fans and buyers of your music.

If just 1% of these listeners buy your single from iTunes (not even your album, just your single), that’s 4,000 x $0.99, which is $3,960. Even if iTunes kept 50%, (which they don’t) you’d still be left with $1,980. And we’re only talking about 200 dj’s…imagine 400, 600, 800 dj’s or more…

Let’s just do a quick recap on the scenario above:

1 dj = approx 2000 listeners / potential fans and buyers of your music
5 dj’s = approx 10,000 listeners / potential fans and buyers of your music
200 dj’s = approx 400,000 listeners / potential fans and buyers of your music
1% of 400,000 = 4,000

If 4,000 listeners buy your single: 4000 x $0.99 = $3,690
50% of $3,690 = $1,980

….and that’s from just one single… (can you see what this might turn into when you promote your album?)

Would you agree that you stand a much, much higher chance of getting 200 or more dj’s to play your music using a service like ours, than if you were to only approach the dj’s that you have direct contact details for? (Most artists and labels tend to concentrate entirely on their local area and not the full global possibilities. Maybe in the past they didn’t have access to these types of resources, but you have access to it right now, today.)

Can you see that it’s partly a numbers game? Use leverage wherever possible and get your music to as many dj’s and industry people as you can. If dj’s and industry people are not receiving and being made aware of your music, then they are not playing and talking about you and your music, and that’s additional sales and awareness you are missing out on.

Our mission is to become an integral part of the independent artists/labels marketing strategy helping you to virtually eliminate the need for a big major record deal in order to make more money from your music.

We want to help level the playing field and give you the opportunity to tap into a resource that many major record labels would prefer you not to have or know about.

We want to send your music out to (at the very least) 100,000 industry contacts to help increase your chances of generating more awareness for your music in clubs along with airplay, which is more free ‘advertising’ for your music, and therefore more sales so you can build on all the hard work you’ve done so far.

DJ’s, Radio Stations and Industry Contacts, give you repeated and increased awareness of your music again and again.

You may think all this is obvious but the big question is…how many of these contacts are you reaching?…

People can’t make up their minds if they like your song enough to buy it, if they don’t even get to hear your music? And how can dj’s and radio stations even play your music if they don’t even have access to your music? Here’s just a small sample of the network you can tap into…

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There is, however, something you need to do to really increase the likelihood of getting a much higher percentage of dj’s playing your songs. Remember to make sure the music you make available is GOOD. DJ’s have a rep. They want to keep it. They only want to play hot tracks and wherever possible they want to play it first.

When you are ready for your next single, mixtape or album release, a minimum of 100,000 industry contacts is the leverage we can offer you and your music. And you can take advantage of it as many times as you like, building your fan base and notoriety in the music business as a true independent artist/label. We’d love to help and see more independent artists and labels succeed.

Understand the benefits of longer term marketing and promotion as a strategy for your music career, and the power of getting your brand/name in front of as many people as possible on more than just one occasion to actively keep them aware of what you are doing (this doesn’t apply to just music, but to any business).

Naturally, we want you to feel comfortable and we strive to build a long term relationship with our clients, so please get in touch anytime with any questions.

If you want to access the same promotional resources used for artists such as Drake, Ashanti and Waka Flocka Flame just to name a few, then we would be happy to work with you.

Wishing you all the best in music and life

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